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Measuring & Recording White Noise

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Measuring & Recording White Noise

Post by STR127 » February 3rd, 2021, 4:10 pm

I would like to be able to measure and record white noise created by what I believe to be commercial grade white noise devices.

There appear to be multiple devices associated with each room in an apartment. I have the good fortune (!) of living below some very technically oriented university students. My complaints about noise were met with a wall of high frequency sound.

I suspect that in an attempt to mask the party sounds, an assumption was made that "bigger is better" so a commercial grade white noise unit was acquired and directed toward my unit!

I have found it very difficult to explain the concept of white noise to the apartment management and maintenance staff. Of course, when I invite others to "hear" the white noise, mysteriously it is turned off.

It thought it might be helpful to the measure and record the white noise so I could share it with others.

Overtime, the variety of frequencies used has greatly expanded. Sometimes the frequencies are very low, these vibrate the floors and walls. Sometimes the frequencies are very high, sounding like a field of cicadas. And then there is everything in between. At times, multiple wavelengths are combined for a hybrid mix. It is not uncommon that I feel it, rather than hear it.

Is it possible to measure and record these wave forms using an oscilloscope? Is the oscilloscope the best instrument for this application?

Any advice you might have will be greatly appreciated! Thank you very much in advance!

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Re: Measuring & Recording White Noise

Post by JoanneGraham » February 9th, 2021, 10:25 am

It's strange, even interesting. And so, the oscilloscope is only to help you!

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