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Tek 2215 - Unstable trace CH2

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El Senor
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Tek 2215 - Unstable trace CH2

Post by El Senor » March 24th, 2021, 3:32 pm

Hi - I just bought my first Tek,a 2215. I ordered a couple of probes (100Mhz) and a signal generator. when I connect both the probe and the signal gen. to CH1 the scope projects the signal well. However, I think Ch2 has a problem, the Sine produced when I connect the Signal gen. is not stable. It keeps moving left to right or right to left no matter how much I adjust the Sec/Divis Cal knob. The - below shows the results with CH1.

I'm a real noobie but very good at learning, I've been learning how to read schematics. Can somebody help me troubleshoot this problem.

Thank you

Tek 2215.jpg
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