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USB Testing - MSO5204 - TDSUSB2

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USB Testing - MSO5204 - TDSUSB2

Post by MikeSD » March 26th, 2021, 2:51 pm

I have a problem that's tying me up for better part of a day. I know it has a simple solution.

I am using TDSUSB2 to do some USB testing. I'm 100% sure it's setup properly. I've configured it to use Ch1 (D+), Ch2 (D-), Ch3 (D+ on the reference board). I've selected "All Tests". and configured D+ to be Ch1, D- to be Ch2, and D+ to be Ch3, per the Tek manual. I have then click the RUN button, and see the waveforms for Ch1 and Ch2 displayed on the scope. All looks good at this point. I get a popup to ask if the display is correct. It is, so I say OK.

Then, I get another popup that says, "Error in importing waveform from instrument from Ch1". Now I know it's capturing the waveform, because I can see it on the scope. The manual only says to check connections, for this error.

Now let me say, this used to work. After clicking Run, I would get an eye diagram, and the impulse waveform. The only problem is there were failures. So, I did some resetting of the scope. EVER SINCE, I'm getting this error. There has been no change to the setup but I have checked to make sure all connections are made secure.

So, that leaves me scratching my head as to what is causing the error. I have changed probes and changed the channel that the CH1 probe was on (with the corresponding change to the config file.

The one thing I wonder about is "Is this error due to the app not being able to import from the scope", because I know whe scope captured the data since I can see it on the scope. It appears this might be a problem with the app getting the waveform from the scope. But the troubleshooting says to check the connections. It can't be connections since I can see the waveform was captured.

How do I get rid of this error?

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