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Tektronix 465 DM44 time base problem

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Bogdan tek
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Tektronix 465 DM44 time base problem

Post by Bogdan tek » April 27th, 2021, 12:19 am

Hi, please help me.
I have repaired a tek 465 with DM44 and is almost ok, the only problem remained is that in MIX MODE (with the use of dual time base with different timing by pulling the time base knob) I do not succeed to have on the screen the usual - (in the left part of the screen with slow speed time base and in the right part of the screen the fast time base). I mention that the " delay time position "multiturn vernier do not have the fine demultiplier, is just a knob without any numbers.
I try to measure some transistors in TB and i switch between then ICs but nothing was changed. The weird thing is that the delayed time base seems to work ok in A INTEN and B DLY'D .
Please, someone with a tek 465 WITH DM44 can tell me if this is normal? Maybe this is because of the DM44 wich interfere with the delayed time base ?
(Off the topics, I repaired a tek 464 and with the same settings it work ok, in the left part of the screen I have the slow TB and in the right the fast, the transition point being controlled by the delay time position multiturn pot).
Someone with the 465 AND DM44 can help ? Maybe to simulate my settings on your instrument?
Thank you!

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