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Streaming measurement value via visa

Programming examples for remote communication with instruments
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Streaming measurement value via visa

Post by nati_unger » July 20th, 2021, 10:10 am

Im using MSO 72004C scope, connected via LAN and my own vb.net wpf application.
To read the measurement value I'm using NationalInstruments.Visa library with this code (as example):

Public rmSession = New NationalInstruments.Visa.ResourceManager()
Public mbSession As MessageBasedSession
mbSession = rmSession.Open(str)
Dim ans As String = mbSession.RawIO.ReadString().Replace("\n", "\\n").Replace("\r", "\\r")
Dim a As Double = Convert.ToDouble(ans)

I want to send a command once, and get measurement value constantly via event handler or a thread that will always read the value without requesting it over and over (with mbSession.RawIO.Write).

I need it to make the acquisition faster in real time.


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