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ArbExpress dual tone help

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ArbExpress dual tone help

Post by bart1960 » July 5th, 2021, 8:37 am

New to the forum an also to my AFG31152 and ArbExpress! I could use some assistance from someone experienced in using the ArbExpress software.
I did not find anything in a forum search.

I have been trying to create dual tone Arbs for use with amplifier testing and can't seem to get them to function.
From the few references I can find - it appears there may be some other trick for how to do this I may be missing.

I have tried two approaches. One with the multitone waveform option and also tried to add two waveforms by the math function. It's not clear if these are actually the same capabilities or have fundamental differences to be used in different situations.

A few observations. I see in ArbExpress that when I create any waveform the sampling rate is fixed at 1 GS/s. This field is greyed out and can't be changed. The unit specs indicate it should be able to go up to 2 GS/s.

When I create a dual tone arb waveform and transfer it to the AFG channel 1 it seems to accept it but the output on the spectrum analyzer is simply the channels set frequency. I am obviously confused about how this is designed to work.

Thanks for any direction anyone can provide.


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