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Firmware 1.34.8 CALibrate:INTERNal:STATus? (MSO64B)

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Firmware 1.34.8 CALibrate:INTERNal:STATus? (MSO64B)

Post by hlippek » July 20th, 2021, 4:23 am

I am using a MSO64B. I updated to the firmware 1.34.8 (non windows).

As I read in the release notes the queryiing of the internal calibration status has 2 new return values. WARMUP and TEMPDRIFT.

It works so far, when I reuest CALibrate:INTERNal:STATus? (I wrote a small python script using pyVISA) afer powerup the device returns correct WARMUP.
But this message seems hard coded by using a internal timer and returns WARMUP in the first 20 minutes after powerup not regarding the internal temperature of the device.

The second return code is TEMPDRIFT.
I received this the first time when I checked CALibrate:INTERNal:STATus?. Anyhow the calibration state in the Device GUI showed PASS.
There are only comments, that the Signal Path Compensation (SPC) should be executed, when the temperature chenages more than 5 degree or you are measuring with 5mV/div or smaller

My question is: On what parameter the device decides to return TEMPDRIFT on the VISA interface? And when does the GUI show (or loses) the pass state of the SPC?
Are there plans to add the internal status codes WARMUP and TERMPDRIFT also to the calibration status in the GUI?

In fact for my measurement it was very usefull to re compensate the signalpath. I measured the jitter of a differential signal where one channel was significantly worse than the other. After the SPC I got comparable values for bothe channels


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