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MSO58 Communication Failure on F/W v1.30.2.8421

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MSO58 Communication Failure on F/W v1.30.2.8421

Post by CaptBrickBeard » January 20th, 2021, 5:33 am

We use our MSO58, among other things, to retrieve automated measurements of one of our product's start-up sequence as a design check using a python script. Recently we updated our MSO58 scope firmware to v1.30.2.8421; the previous firmware was probably a year old. Subsequent to this firmware update, the communications between the PC running our python scripts and the MSO58 have been "troubled".

When initializing the scope we send a saved configuration, previously retrieved and saved using the "SET?" query, via USB using Tek VISA. In the past, with the older firmware, this has always worked. Since the firmware has been updated, this does not seem to work. Some communication commands seem to get dropped as all eight channels are active (displayed) as requested. I have experimented with waits between commands and a 1 millisecond wait does not fix the issue and greatly extends the time to send all of the commands to the scope. With flow control there should be no need for waits at all.

I have noticed that a known issue in this version of firmware is that the MSO 4 series has an unexpected timeout on VISA queries over USB; have any VISA over USB communications issues been reported in the 5 series?

Are there VISA settings that may cause this issue?

If this is a complete unknown, can we roll back our firmware to one that works?

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