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3390 AWG single shot modulated sinewave

Keithley 3390
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3390 AWG single shot modulated sinewave

Post by alecmcc » June 25th, 2012, 4:58 am

I'm thinking of buying a 3390 arbitrary waveform generator, and can't confirm from the manual whether it can generate one of the waveforms I would like. This would be a roughly 0.2Hz sinewave, modulated with an exponential ramp over about 60s, where just one modulation cycle is produced for every trigger (manual or otherwise). It needs to be a smooth exponential ramp with no glitches.

I'd be grateful if someone could confirm - or deny - that it can do that.


Kenneth P
Keithley Applications
Keithley Applications
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Re: 3390 AWG single shot modulated sinewave

Post by Kenneth P » June 28th, 2012, 8:59 am

My assumption is that you are Amplitude Modulating the 0.2 Hz sine wave. Assuming the exponential ramp of over 60 seconds, this would result in at least 30 cycles. Will the sine wave be externally or internally modulated? If you require an external modulation, the only method available is AM. The depth setting for AM is 0 to 120% with up to +/- 5V peak. A depth setting of 0% will result in half the amplitude of the sine wave voltage setting. Additionally, it is not externally triggered therefore this function may not be desirable. For this model, the Abitrary Waveform generator would be the better choice. The waveform you are interested in producing would have to be configured and controlled via GPIB. It would be necessary to generate the individual points in the waveform for amplitude. Excel or some other spreadsheet program would be best suited for generating the amplitude data for the complex waveform. The Arbitrary Waveform function generates a sync signal at initiation of the event.
The function is capable of up to 256K points. This should provide sufficient resolution for the waveform. Amplitude resolution is 4 digits which may present a problem depending on the range of the signal since you reference exponential ramp. It is possible to generate the exponentially ramped sine wave however there is no information regarding the range of amplitude required in your application.

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