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3390 Firmware revisions

Keithley 3390
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3390 Firmware revisions

Post by michal.selinger » January 29th, 2013, 2:36 am


we have 2 Ke3390 arbs.

One was bought a few years ago and it's FW revision was 1.04-0B1-04-03-03.
The other one is brand new and has FW revision 1.06-0B2-04-07-04.

We updated the old one to the latest revision (currently 1.06) hoping that these two will be "on the same page".

Unfortunately what we got was another modification of 1.06 which kind of brought more confusion into our lines. So the old one which was updated has FW rev. 1.06-0B1-04-07-04 now.

Looking into FW revision release notes there is not a word about these mutations so I am wondering where might I get explanation on this "0B1 / 0B2" meaning. This could help me to learn more about what is the difference and whether there are some differences which matters in our case.

The question is:

Could anyone explain me what this FW revision string Ke3390 instrument has means?
So far it seems like:
- 1.06 is FW installed
- 0B1 / 0B2 - batch of the instrument (maybe???) - need to understand this and know whether there are any more mutations on the market
- 04-07-04 - FW release date?

Thank you for your responses.

Ke3390 FW Release Notes: http://www.keithley.com/base_download?dassetid=55761
Ke3390 1.06 FW: http://www.keithley.com/base_download?dassetid=55760

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