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Model 3390 pulse phase adjustment

Keithley 3390
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Model 3390 pulse phase adjustment

Post by ClaudiuStan » August 10th, 2013, 10:47 pm

I want to use two 3390 in sync ("master" & "slave"), or just one 3390 connected to an external 10 MHz time base, and adjust the phase of a pulse waveform.

I have already tried to adjust the phase via the output setup; when the 3390 is connected to external time base (for example from another 3390) the phase adjustment option becomes available in the output setup menu for all default waveforms except the pulse. Is there a way to adjust the phase of pulses, for example by remote control of a software upgrade, or this is a hardware limitation?

I also noticed that when the output is toggled on/off, the phase of standard waveforms (square) from a "slave" 3390 changes randomly relative to the "master" 3390; the phase of pulses, however, stays the same.

The lack of the phase adjustment option is something I observed for two different 3390s, one of which is a brand-new unit.

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Re: Model 3390 pulse phase adjustment

Post by RaymondR » August 15th, 2013, 7:09 am

Hi ClaudiuStan,

The pulse-mode phase is hardware limited.

As for a potential solution, you may be able to use a sine-wave into a comparator (op-amp with no feedback) and adjust the amplitude to affect the duty cycle of the comparator output. The sine wave phase can be adjusted compared to a reference signal.

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