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Blurry display

DMM6500 6½-Digit Touchscreen Multimeter
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Blurry display

Post by nanofo » August 15th, 2018, 10:26 am


I have a problem with the display of my new DMM6500. It is blurry. Please see the attached photograph,
as shows that the X grid lines are double. Everything on the display has an "out of focus" effect, especially
if viewed from a 12 o'clock angle.

Is something wrong with the display ? I have never seen this before on a TFT display.

grid.jpg (1.34 MiB) Viewed 5085 times

Brad O
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Re: Blurry display

Post by Brad O » August 15th, 2018, 2:16 pm


The display sometimes has an envelope of angles (10-15 degrees above or below the horizontal) where slight doubling occurs like your - shows, though yours does seem extreme. This is caused by internal reflections from the TFT and touch screen layers.

There's a couple options:
- If you think your doubling is excessive (It seems it might be from your photo), contact your Keithley rep or visit https://www.tek.com/repair to see about a warranty repair. It's possible the display was damaged somehow. In particular, exposure to excessive heat would increase the prominence of this doubling.
- If you haven't already, consider using or collapsing the feet of the DMM6500. It is usually a very tight envelope of angles where this doubling occurs, so changing your natural viewing angle of the instrument, even slightly, may clear the display up for you.

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