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ELXSDMMI.dll not closing

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ELXSDMMI.dll not closing

Post by lcleroux » September 9th, 2016, 12:03 pm

We run data acquisition in one Excel file for part of the test and then switch to a different Excel file for the rest of the test. This used to work without issues until we installed KickStart on the computer to try it. We did not like it at all, so it was uninstalled. Now we have issues with the ELXSDMMI.dll not closing when the task is stopped on the DMMScan tab. We thought that Kickstart must have left some breadcrumbs behind so we did a clean install of Windows, Office and ExceLinx. Unfortunately, the problem of the dll not closing when the task is stopped still exists.

We use:
  • Keithley: 2750 (firmware A13) with three 7708

    Link between computer and Keithley: Serial

    Computer: Win 7, 32bits
    Office 2007
    ExceLinx ELNX-851C06
    Keithley I/O Layer KIOL-850C06
    IVI Driver 2700-852C03
    SCPI SCPI-856C06
Can anyone understand/explain why the dll is not closing when stoppping the task in ExceLinx?

Has anyone else experience the same issue and found a solution/work around other than closing the dll in the Windows Task Manager? I am open to a macro in Excel that I could link to a user button. I am looking for something simple for the user of the DMM.

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Re: ELXSDMMI.dll not closing

Post by Kiriakos » January 21st, 2019, 4:52 am

As first I am going to add a relative question.

What are my chances for a successful simple data-logging scenario by using Windows XP RRO SP3 32bit + 2750 DMM + Small business office 2003, among with this Excel plug-in ?

About answering the first question, I will say that with out defining if your MS office version using additional service pack or not , then there is no answer.
Known problem over the years this is release of Microsoft product service pack about them increasing security and demolish at the same time backwards compatibility.

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