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Keithley 2700 and Kickstarter

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Keithley 2700 and Kickstarter

Post by LEDMAN » August 11th, 2017, 5:35 am

Hello Tektronix and Keithley community

I have a Problem while Logging Data with the Kickstarter Software and a Keithley 2700.

I would like to have real date for my logged Data but it will always start with 01.01.2000 instead of the real date.
There is the option to start logging @ a specific date and funnily there it will use the right one.

I am from Europe/ Austria and we wirte our date in an other order than US.

Does someone know what kind of date format and also where to change it that it works.
Could it be possible that also " . , " as decimal seperator is the culprit?
Because there seems to be also a problem while changing min and max Value in the view of the internal diagramm

And if you guys are not so familliar with Kickstarter software maybe you could tell me for what format it
is most likely programmed as beeing an American software.



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