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2701 Cont function - KickStart

Posted: November 30th, 2017, 12:24 am
by zvikaef
using the 2701 + 7700 and KickStart, when selecting the CONT function an unhandled exception error. please advise

Re: 2701 Cont function - KickStart

Posted: December 8th, 2017, 2:00 pm
by Jennifer C
Hi Zvikaef,

I apologize for the tardy reply, The CONT function on the 2701 in KickStart is a known bug. However, the CONT function was primarily designed for front panel use with the 2701 as it indicates via audible sound ("beep") if continuity is detected. As a workaround, you may instead use the 2W resistance function to gather resistance readings on your devices and you may set limits on the channel for resistances that you would consider as "short" and "open".


Jennifer C