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Common SCPI Errors

Dale C
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Common SCPI Errors

Post by Dale C » June 24th, 2010, 5:50 am

In general the negative integer errors are SCPI errors as defined by the SCPI protocol. The positive integer errors are defined by the manufacturer.

-101 Invalid Character - The dollar sign is not part of the syntax for the command. :SENSE$:VOLT:NPLC 1

-102 Syntax Error - Command syntax error. the semicolon should be a colon. Example ":SENSE:VOLT;PROT 10"

-110 Command Header Error
- Indicates there is a syntax error in the command. In this case two colons between SENSE and VOLT.Example " :SENSE::VOLT:RANGE 10"

-113 Undefined Header Error
- Missing "T" on the word VOLT. Example ":SENSE:VOL:NPLC 1"

-150 String Data Error - This indicates that the string is incorrect. In this case the quote is missing at the end of VOLT. Example ":SENSE:FUNC 'VOLT"

-222 Parameter Data Out of Range - This error occurs because there is no 10A range. Example ":SENS:CURR:RANG 10"

-410 Query interrupted
- This error shows up when the unit has been sent a query(e;g; TRACE:DATA?) and not all the data has been read before another command is received. Usually this happens when the data string is not large enough to accept all the data the unit has to send. Then the unit is in a mode where it is trying to send more data and another command is recieved. Always set the data string to at least the amount of bytes that are expected.

-420 Query Unterminated - This error shows up normally when a reading is request by the controller but no query was sent.


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