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How to Change 3732 Configuration

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How to Change 3732 Configuration

Post by vdtruong » October 24th, 2017, 10:09 am


I have six 3732 cards installed in the 3706A. The display shows that it is in the 16x28 configuration every time I turn it on. Can I change this to 4x112?

Thank you.

Dave W
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Re: How to Change 3732 Configuration

Post by Dave W » January 5th, 2018, 11:29 am

Hi vdtruong,

The configuration of the matrix on the 3732 card can be changed by shorting some of the pins on the connectors in specific configurations. Thes configurations are detailed in the manual for the 3732 card which can be downloaded from the following URL.

https://www.tek.com/manual/model-3732-q ... nformation

If you are using the 3732-ST-C Screw terminal accessory, you can configure the card in the 4x112 configuration by putting a jumpers on both the ID1 and ID2 jumper headers.

If you are not using the screw terminal accessory then you will need to connect J4, 76 and 78 to pin J4, 77 and you will need to connect pins J3, 76 to J3, 78.

Hope this helps!

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