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Control over HI/LO relays on 3723 Single-Pole Card

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Control over HI/LO relays on 3723 Single-Pole Card

Post by rayzote » April 19th, 2018, 12:34 am

Okay so this is it... I'm able to setup the card to 1-pole with a single command. The problem is that when I do this, the 120-Relays are connected to the HIGH side of the DMM; this is not what I want. The schematics of the card show that the single pole configuration connects all relays to the HIGH side (why?). Even if I used another card, it would still connect all to the HIGH side, but how is this allowing independent relay interaction?

My ideal situation is that BANK #1 is all on HIGH, and BANK #2 is all on LOW. That way I can connect multiple devices to both LOW/HIGH, and use the switching mechanism to test/read out different configurations. Is there a way to control the LOW/HIGH setting of the single-pole relays?

An alternative: Following the schematics of the card's double pole, I noticed that channels 1-60 are always connected to HIGH. The single pole configuration only allows 61-120 to switch between LOW/HIGH. However, this would not work with my configuration. Only the two-pole mode sets 61-120 to LOW , which by default doesn't let me control the relays independently (duh) because if I close a channel it closes the pair (e.g: 1 & 61), it doesn't give a choice (LOW/HIGH). If I could get my hands on the drivers/controls for this I could get my configuration to work.

The ideal situation in this scenario is that I'm allowed use switching mechanism on independent relays while in two-pole mode. If you have any idea how to do any of these, please let me know.

I'm including the link to the card's datasheet below.
https://www.tek.com/datasheet/default-a ... lexer-card

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Re: Control over HI/LO relays on 3723 Single-Pole Card

Post by Andrea C » April 19th, 2018, 9:33 am

You can get your ideal situation by using an analog back plane relay and a jumper wire on the DB15 on rear of 3706A.

On the DB15, jumper the DMM LO to the HI of backplane relay # 3. For Bank 2, you could then connect any of the closed single pole channels to DMM LO by closing backplane # 3.

On Bank 1, backplane relay # 1 still used to connect to DMM HI.

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