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3706a Firmware Update

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sam fedorka
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3706a Firmware Update

Post by sam fedorka » May 13th, 2018, 1:31 pm

Hi there,

I have a Keithley 3706A with one 3722 card installed. The listed firmware is 1.03f. I would like to upgrade the firmware and OS to the latest version, 1.55a, but I am having some issue.

The firmware readme file(1) says to upgrade according to the instruction in the reference manual(2) which says to place the firmware .CAB file in the root directory of a FAT-formatted USB. However the download of the firware only includes A ZIP file with some release notes and some .ZX files. I tried putting all the files in the root directory of a FAT32-formatted USB but the DMM didn't seem to want to read it, saying No upgrade found (<any>).

What am I missing? Can you help?

(1) https://www.tek.com/switching-and-data/ ... ware-v155a
(2) https://www.tek.com/keithley-switching- ... r-manual-0

Stuart M
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Re: 3706a Firmware Update

Post by Stuart M » May 14th, 2018, 8:14 am

Thanks for pointing this out...the instructions are not correct and I will put in a request to have them updated.
- CAB files are only for non-A 3706 instruments . . . ZIP files are for 3706A instruments
- upgrades can only be done through a USB-stick
- only 3706A instruments can be upgraded past firmware version 1.41

What you need to do:
Place main_p37xx_0155a.zip file on the root directory on a USB stick (be sure there are no other with no other main_* files on the USB stick).
Perform the firmware upgrade with the usb stick inserted into the front of the 3706A unit.

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