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3706 (with high amp switch card) to a 2430 using a gpib 488B

Posted: April 11th, 2011, 2:06 pm
by brucedickingson
I'm wondering what would be the correct and most efficient way to connect a 3706 switch (with high amp switch card) to a 2430 sourcemeter. I have successfully run some sweep measurements on the 2430 on a single pv cell (4 point probe technique) through a keithley kusb 488B gpib in Labview and now wanted to integrate the 3706 so I could switch between 4 different PV panels. Any help/example code is appreciated to help me setup this process. I found a good example using the 2600 series sourcemeters and the 3700 switches (TSP app note) but wasn't sure how to apply this sequence to a non-TSP sourcemeter.

Re: 3706 (with high amp switch card) to a 2430 using a gpib

Posted: May 22nd, 2012, 2:58 pm
by Vince W
I'm not sure which switch card you mean by "high current". I recommend using the 3721 switch module if you have a 3706 frame already.

The 2430 can source +/-1.05A max DC current, but can pulse +/-10.5A.

The 3721's current capacity is 2A DC on 20 4-wire channels and 3A DC on 1 4-wire channel. The 3721's can carry the 10.5A pulse current if the period is <1mS and duty cycle is <20%, or a one-time-only pulse period is <10mS. Also, the 3721 would be convenient to control as a multiplexer, fanning a 4-wire connection from the 2430 to multiple PV cells.

You ask a very good question regarding the use of a 2430 instead of a 2600A series source meter with the 3706 mainframe. As you observed, the 2430 does not use TSP, so you will not be able to utilize the TSP-Link feature available on both the 3706 and 2600A series instruments. So this means that you would likely still control the 2430 from your GPIB interface, and then control the 3706 (and switch modules) separately via either a GPIB or ethernet interface.

Even though you do not have TSP-Link to synchronize the 3706 and 2430, you could use the trigger connections on both instruments. If you set up a scan on the 3721, it can be advanced automatically each time the 2430 completes its measurement. This would be done by routing the appropriate trigger link signal to the 3706 digital I/O input. This is effectively the same as would happen with a different switch frame using the Trigger-Link cable from the 2430.

Speaking of that, the original switching solution for use with the 2430 is our 7001 switch frame with two 7053 switch modules (10-ch 4-wire solution). Both support the trigger-link cable and separate GPIB control.

Vince W