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Can I combine outputs of two 2300A?

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Kenneth P
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Can I combine outputs of two 2300A?

Post by Kenneth P » September 24th, 2012, 12:14 pm

Is it possible to safely combine two channels or outputs of 2300A Series High Speed Supplies to double the current capacity?

Yes, it is possible to combine outputs of two 2300A Series Power Supplies however care should be exercised when setting levels. The maximum rated current sink for any 2300A channels is 3A. All 2300A channels can source 5A. With the outputs shorted in parallel, even the slightest voltage difference can produce large currents. Whenever combining outputs, use the following steps to ensure that currents remain within range of the sink capacity of each channel.

Included a fixture that ensures the Hi and Lo outputs (respectively) are shorted only when a test load is connected to the supplies
When setting level, disable the output of one or both supplies before changing level. Once both levels are set (to equal voltage), activate the output or outputs

Even with outputs set to equal values, some current can flow between supplies. 400 mA currents are not unusual but well within the sink range of the 2300A channels.

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