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Question for 2306 power supply

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Question for 2306 power supply

Post by poslab » May 16th, 2011, 11:19 pm

Dear Sir,

We have bought several 2306 power supply from your company before.

I am trying to make an Labview application to read current from three 2306 at one computer, I set 2306 as Long Integration Measurement mode. Then use fetch command to query the result.

If I only use FETCh, it response the same value, I need use *TRG to trigger it every time, or use READ command.

As I need read totally 3 power supply at the same time, so seems manually trigger by my application cost some time, I can’t get current result continuously from one power supply.

Such as I set integration time as 1 second, but I get current value every 3 seconds if query one channel of power supply as I query three power supply one by one. In this situation, I think 2 seconds current value is missing.

Can the power supply trigger by itself, so I only need read result? May be I can get result every second by this method.

I am not sure if I explain my purpose clearly, let me know if you need more info.

Pls. help me. Thanks in advance.

Kenneth P
Keithley Applications
Keithley Applications
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Re: Question for 2306 power supply

Post by Kenneth P » September 24th, 2012, 11:05 am


As you may have discovered, the 2300 series does not incorporate Bus or External triggering. For your requirement, a *TRG or external trigger would be the optimum solution. Since these are not available there are only two solutions. Long term integration or performing measurements in a psuedo-integration method through LabVIEW. Long Term Integration (LINT command) is primarily designed for conditions where current pulsing is involved. You can set trigger levels to activate the measurement and perform a READ? query. If you application involves continuous current, you can do the integration through a series of measurements sequentially.
By setting the NPLC to maximum (10), the measurement time for each FETCh? command will be approx. 170 msec (200 msec for 50 Hz power line supplies). To integrate a 1 second reading for a single 2300 channel, you could perform 5 READ? commands and average the current by 5. By changing the command to a FETC?, you can send this command to the three channels sequentially, and then read each supply sequentially after the readings are available. Then repeat the process in a loop until the second interval is acheived.
This would be the general sequence:

Main Loop 5 times
Measure Loop
wait for buffers to fill
End Measure Loop
End Main Loop
Average Channel 1
Average Channel 2
Average Channel 3

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