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Using 2302 to detect current pulse

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Using 2302 to detect current pulse

Post by ChrisNguyen » May 19th, 2011, 10:25 am


Could someone show me an example of how to detect a current pulse with 2302?

In our current setup, the 2302 source 3.2V to our DUT. In this test, the DUT will draw ~1.05A of current for about 1 second. I've implemented a polling loop to detect a threshold from high to low (I don't want to also detect the positive edge because the 2303 sometime miss this edge) for this purpose. This works most of the time but sometime the 2302 just could not be able to trigger the negative edge for some reason and all current measurements in the loop are ~ 0A.

I also notice a section in the manual about the pulse current step method and wonder if the 2302 could be used for this purpose and produce a more reliable method to detect the negative edge. If so, could someone show me an example? Is there any other solution we have with the 2302?


Chris Nguyen

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