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6221 and 2182A Delta Mode almost impossible remotely

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6221 and 2182A Delta Mode almost impossible remotely

Post by angelo » December 8th, 2016, 5:15 am

I just purchased a 6221 and a 2182A, both are connected to the computer by GPIB cables. Well, my idea was to measure resistance, but I just found a problem to interconnect the two equipments if I don´t want to perform Delta Mode measurements.

The big problem is how to attach the rs232 cable to the instruments when the GPIB cables are already connected.

See the image below. The rs232 cable is the one that came with instruments, on the 6221(top) I has success to attach it after bend the GPIB cables, but on the 2182A it is impossible to connect the RS232 cable. It seems to be a major Factory Design fault of these instruments !!


The point is that If I don´t want to use Delta Mode, I will have to handle the cables.

Andrea C
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Re: 6221 and 2182A Delta Mode almost impossible remotely

Post by Andrea C » December 9th, 2016, 9:46 am

It is only the built in special tests such as Delta Mode, Differential Conductance, etc. that require the use of the RS-232 cable between the two instruments (also need the trigger cable). For these special mode tests, the 6221 does all the communication with the 2182A over RS-232; there is no need for connection from computer to the 2182A. The ":SYST:SERial:SEND or ENTer?" commands can be used with the 6221 to communicate over RS-232 to the 2182A.

If you instead choose to use GPIB to individually control both the 2182A and the 6221, then no need for the RS-232 cable.

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