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PWS4721 acting like the output is shorted out

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PWS4721 acting like the output is shorted out

Post by summetj » December 6th, 2018, 6:21 pm

I have a 0-72V, 1.2A PWS 4721 bench power supply. After an unfortunate spark involving a gel cell battery, the unit is acting as if the outputs are shorted together (even when nothing is plugged in). For example, when I set it to any voltage and current and turn the output to ON, the output current climbs to the CC limit while the voltage remains at almost zero. (I've tried it up to 1A, and the fan comes on, making me think the power supply IS providing the current).

I suspect that some part very close to the output was damaged and failed with a short. (The output switching on/off appears to work, as the short goes away, or at least isn't driven when the output is set to off). I tried the various system resets from the menu in the hope that it was a soft fuse of some type, but no changes.

So, before I open the device up to poke around, is there anything else I can do from the outside?
One I do open it up, is there any specific part that would cause this behavior (and where would I find a replacement?)

Thanks for any comments,

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