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2015 Built-in diagnostics

2015, 2015-P, 2016, 2016-P
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2015 Built-in diagnostics

Post by Macduff » August 4th, 2016, 7:01 am

It has puzzled me why the 2015 doesn't appear to have the very useful 2000 BUILT-IN test mode, only the DISP and KEY tests. I figured maybe there wasn't enough room in the ROM with all the support for the THD board.

But looking at a hex dump of B17 firmware there is plenty of space left and the BUILT-IN tests are there, all the plain text strings anyway. There also appears to be two menus for the TEST button. One with just TEST: DISP and TEST: KEY and another with TEST:BUILT-IN, TEST: DIAG, TEST: DISP, and TEST: KEY :geek:

So, how do we enable these diagnostic functions? Is there some secret key combination or remote SCPI command? ;)

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