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GPIB Err-VB- Interface type valid-Interface # not configured

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GPIB Err-VB- Interface type valid-Interface # not configured

Post by JRMoore » April 19th, 2011, 10:17 am

I am trying to upgrade a GPIB VB6 program to operate in VBA/MS Access 2007. I was directed to do it on a different machine (w/ different PCI card) than the currently functioning machine. My problem is that I can't initialize the card through VBA commands but can send commands (Like IDN?) directly to the Keithley from the PCI card and get a valid response. When sending VBA commands, the error says:

Error = BFFF00A5 The interface type is valid, but the specified interface number is not configured.

GPIB Card = Contec 488.2 GP-IB(PCI)FL, drivers are installed (hopefully correctly)
Source Meter = Keithley 2430, addressed at position 24
Keithley Drivers:
-- IO Layer = KIOL-850C04.exe
-- GPIB Driver = 24xx-850CV2.0.exe
Cable = IEEE 488 GPIB cable, this is NOT a USB setup
VBA References included: (See list at bottom of post)

1. Using the utility that came w/ the CONTECT 488 PCI card, I can send commands directly to the Keithley using formats such as:

*IDN? which returns "KEITHLEY INSTRUMENTS INC.,MODEL 2430......"

2. Using VBA, I am trying to use an initialization command of the format:

nErr = Ke24xx_init("GPIB0::24::INSTR", model, instrHandle)

where model is dimensioned as ViInt32 and
instrHandle is dimensioned as ViSession.

I get "Error = BFFF00A5 The interface type is valid, but the specified interface number is not configured." (Note that I show no missing or broken references in VBA and it compiles without any problems.)

3. I don't see any physical response on Keithley at all using VBA. I have tried changing many parameters on the card in the Hardware Device manager but to no avail.

4. I have tried to use the Keithley Configuration panel which gives me the same error as above. I tried to configure it as GPIB0::24::INSTR. Honestly not sure if I am using this configuration tool correctly as it references VISA, to which I am brand new. I've tried to find a good resource to truly explain this panel but the documentation doesn't include examples that I can find.

Also, I tried the Keithley Communication control which also gives me the same error.

5. Have also tried all of this with both the Keithley 488.1 and SCPI settings on the 2430 source meter. No differences noted.

Not sure where the problem is. I am new to GPIB and it seems there are many steps/drivers/parameters that could be changed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also, I noticed that I did not have a VISAConf.ini file so I copied one from the functional machine to this machine. I didn't see anything inside that file that looked like it should be changed though. Doubt its the problem.

******** LIST OF VBA REFERENCES in my project: ******
KEITHLEY 24XX SourceMeter (C:\VXIpnp\WinNT\Bin\ke24xx.dll)
KEITHLEY SCPI IVI DRIVER (C:\program files\IVI Foundation\IVI\Bin\KESCPI_32.dll)
Keithley Configuration 1.0 Library
Keithley Configuration 1.0 Wizard
Keithly Configuration Library Helper 1.0
There are also a number of other IVI references that generally reference the IVI Foundation folder. Will send those if needed.

John Ryl
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Re: GPIB Err-VB- Interface type valid-Interface # not config

Post by John Ryl » April 27th, 2011, 4:53 am

This VISA error means it doesn't have a resource "GPIB0". It knows it supports GPIB and that is valid but it doesn't have a board 0 configured.
I don't know anything about the Contec GPIB board but I assume it has NI-488 compatible drivers? Is there a GPIB-32.dll on your PC, usually in the Windows/System32 dir. If not then this board is not going to work with VISA. Check if the vendor has NI Compatible drivers or a NI compatibility mode when to run the installer.

If you do have a GPIB-32.dll and the Contec installer put it there (you can't install NI488) then they must have a configuration utility to setup the board number. This is so if you had multiple GPIB controller boards in your PC you can address them through "GPIB0, GPIB1, GPIB2 etc" Maybe the Contec utility that you mentioned can configure this. It really doesn't matter what number you configure its just that you need to pass the correct value in for the VISA resource string.

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