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Not be able to recognize KUSB 488 B in Labview

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Zhao Liu
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Not be able to recognize KUSB 488 B in Labview

Post by Zhao Liu » February 12th, 2013, 12:04 pm

Our lab have used the keithley Series 2400 Source meter with KUSB 488 A cable for a year.
Now we got another new 2400 Source meter with KUSB 488 B cable.
We want to install both source meters with 488 A and 488 B cable on the same computer. Therefore we installed the driver for KUSB 488 B properly.
However, in the I/O name filtering, it can not be recognized by the computer. With the drop down menu, there is only I/O GPIBO::24:INSTR and it only recognize the source meter with 488 A cable.
How to solve this?

Stuart M
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Re: Not be able to recognize KUSB 488 B in Labview

Post by Stuart M » February 12th, 2013, 1:05 pm

You cannot co-reside two different kinds of GPIB devices.
The KUSB-488A will work only with it's own unique driver.
Adding a KUSB-488B to your system will make the KUSB-488A inoperable as the 488B uses a different GPIB driver.

It would be easier to add a GPIB cable to the 2nd instrument and configure the 2nd 2400 with a different GPIB address number (e.g. 25). Then the KUSB-488B will see both instruments at addresses 24 and 25.

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