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FET testing using 2604B and 3706A + 3720

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FET testing using 2604B and 3706A + 3720

Post by ChrisA » March 6th, 2014, 8:27 am


I have recently purchased Keithley instruments 2604B dual channel SMU and the 3720 series switch units.

My application is in principle quite simple - perform an IV sweep on a FET with a fixed source drain (SMUa) voltage and measure the resulting current as the gate (SMUb) is swept from -5V to 5V using the 2604B. I then want to switch to another channel using the 3706A / 3720 and perform another IV sweep and so sequentially for 60 channels recording the data in a table and plotting the outcome. I am having enormous difficulties in achieving this however largely through my unfamiliarity with the TSP / Lua programming language. The issue has not been helped with the use of LabVIEW either.

There exist several issues - firstly it seems that the 2604B and the 3706A cannot be connected together and interfaced with a PC through the TSP as the 2604B does not have this option. Is this correct?

The drivers for the 3706A do not seem to work with the Keithley configuration panel and I cannot communicate with the unit (other than the direct on-board Java or front panel).

I have hacked together a program that allows an IV sweep from the 2604B but how do I integrate this and switch this voltage sweep from the 2604B through the 3706A unit and switches in turn and collect the data?

Any help will be gratefully received as I have attempted this for a week now and am not moving forward.



Norbert W
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Keithley Applications
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Re: FET testing using 2604B and 3706A + 3720

Post by Norbert W » March 10th, 2014, 7:31 am

Hello Chris,
let me comment on the individual issue you mentioned:
- Yes a 2604B does not support TSP-Link, so you have to have individual PC communication to each unit.
- You may check or reinstall the Keithley I/O-layer as it will supply the driver.
- If you already succeeded to get the 2604B to perform a sweep for the IV characterization, then the next step would
be to add a loop where the 3706A switches accordingly - of course only possible when communication works so you must
take care of the last bullet first.
Best regards

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