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4200-SCS Data Storage

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4200-SCS Data Storage

Post by poornendu » March 10th, 2011, 8:54 pm

We have Keithley 4200-SCS with 4 SMU, two of which have pre-amplifier. We also have pulse generator and oscilloscope card installed in the system.
We need to carry out AC/DC dielectrophoresis (DEP) over carbon nanotubes by applying AC/DC potential across interdigitated electrodes.This application requires application of AC (~5MHz) potential (~5V) and monitoring of resistance across terminals.

We need to log resistance across output terminals with rate of atleast 100 Samples/sec although 1 kS/s would be better. Since the process may continue for upto 100 minutes this corresponds to 600000-6000000 samples. The default ITM only allows to store 4096 samples.

1. How best the SMU and pulse generator should be connected, configured and used for this application?
2. How can we increase limit of stores samples and store data in real time?
3. Can I also set a pre-determined value at which the the resistance stops, it can be a numerical value or a certain percantage of initial value?

Thanks in advance.

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