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Testing nanocomposite dielectric material

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Testing nanocomposite dielectric material

Post by anjutoor » February 15th, 2014, 5:29 pm

I am working on the design and development of a capacitor using a solid-state dielectric. This dielectric comprises of gold nanoparticles (5nm in diameter) and SU-8 epoxy based nanocomposite. The capacitor is electrostatic in nature. I wish to perform the following tests/measurements:

1. Measurement of the electric breakdown strength of the dielectric material
2. I-V characteristics

I would really appreciate if you can suggest any test equipment that can be used for the above measurements. My research lab would be interested in buying the same if it can suffice my test requirements

Dale C
Keithley Applications
Keithley Applications
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Re: Testing nanocomposite dielectric material

Post by Dale C » February 24th, 2014, 6:53 am

What magnitude of voltage do you need for the breakdown test?
What level of current for the IV sweep?

Look at Model 6517B, 6487 or an SMU in the 2400 or 2600B series.

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