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Keithley 2750 Multimeter and 7702 MUX card -221 "settings conflict"

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Keithley 2750 Multimeter and 7702 MUX card -221 "settings conflict"

Post by jkenda » August 4th, 2022, 10:37 am

I am programming the 2750 multimeter with a 7702 MUX card and 3740 relay card for a product testing machine.

Here is the code:

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ROUT:MULT:OPEN (@101:142)
SENS:FUNC 'RES', <clist>
ROUT:SCAN  <clist>
ROUT:MULT:OPEN (@101:142)
I get a -221: "Settings conflict" error when running the code multiple times while measuring different channels.
When I was opening the channels with ROUT:OPEN:ALL, everything was fine, but now I get the mentioned error.

The thing is, I cannot use :OPEN:ALL because that would also open the relays, which is not an option because testing machinery will be hooked up to them. But I am opening all channels of the MUX before the measurement, so I don't know why I get the error.

How could I modify the code to make it work?

I have working TSP code for this functionality, I would just like to implement it for a multimeter that doesn't support TSC.

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scan.create('<clist>', '<configuration>')
state = scan.execute(buffer)
printbuffer(1, buffer.n, buffer)
The scan works in TSP because of the scan.MODE_OPEN_SELECTIVE, which opens all the measurement channels but not the relay channels. I cannot seem to achieve the same with SCPI.

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