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6517B Interlock violation issue during the measurement

Posted: November 12th, 2019, 1:03 pm
by Steven_H
Hi all,

I have two questions related to the interlock violation error during the resistance and resistivity measurement.

for the resistivity measurement, we used the 8009 test fixture. Nowadays we can't measure the sample because the interlock error frequently appears during the measurement. After trying to open and close the lid, and to push and release the top electrode in the fixture several times, we could measure the sample.

Could you let me know what happened to us and how to solve this problem?

for the resistance measurement, we followed the direction as described in 4-20 in your reference manual. we were about to measure the common resistor (10 Mohm, axial type). However, we saw the interlock violation error when we press the OPER button. In order to disappear the message, we tried to connect the interlock cable from 6517b to air (floating) or to 8009. I think our setup is the same as the old post (viewtopic.php?t=99960). However, he/she could measure the sample, but I don't know how he/she connect the interlock.

Could you let me know how to connect the interlock for resistance measurement?

Re: 6517B Interlock violation issue during the measurement

Posted: November 14th, 2019, 3:56 am
by Andrea C
The cable between the interlock connectors on the 6517B and the 8009 test fixture must be in place in order to permit the 6517B to source high voltage.

Similar to common microwave oven, only when door is closed, or 8009 clamshell closed and latched, will the micro switch be able to send the “it is safe to operate” signal on interlock cable.

Have you been using the latch when closing the 8009?