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How can 2182A+6621 work with 7001(7168) through trigger

Posted: May 15th, 2013, 6:21 am
by hachiko
I would like to realize resistance measurment with 2182A+6621 +7001(7168).
In the 6221 manual, there is an instruction how to connect 6621 with 2182A to perform Delta measurements.
But I cannot find any instructions how to connect 7001 with 2182A and 6221 to fullfil multichannels resistance measurment with trigger function, and how to remote programm either.

Any help? Thanks.


PS: I've gor another GPIB communication problem. When I turn off 2182A GPIB (RS232 on) but still connect the 2182A GPIB interface with other GPIB instruments, then I cannot find any instruments with NI MAX.

Re: How can 2182A+6621 work with 7001(7168) through trigger

Posted: September 6th, 2013, 7:47 am
by Kenneth P

The 2182A and 6221 uses the Trigger Link connection to coordinate readings of the 2182A with the current pulse of the 6221. Since the trigger link is used exclusively for source/measure synchronization, it won't be possible to use the trigger link to connect to the 7001 to coordinate the measurement with a switch change.
The trigger link for the 7001 is used to coordinate a reading such as from a 2000 series DMM and switch change in the 7001. Since the trigger link is not available, I suggest using GPIB instrument calls to coordinate the measurement between the 7001 and Delta Mode system. Use the GPIB connection on the 6221 for the Delta Mode system.

As for the NI Max issue, the 2182A allows either GPIB or serial communcation configuration but not both. If you are configuring the 2182A for Delta Mode, this will not work for NI Max since it must be configured for serial port. The condition you noted is expected. Since you are configuring for Delta Mode, the presence of the 2182A will be confirmed via the serial port when you enter Delta Mode on the 6221