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KUSB-3116 | Counts using internal clock

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KUSB-3116 | Counts using internal clock

Post by dancat » February 18th, 2014, 8:46 am

Hi to all!
The idea is to find a way to counts TTL events in for a selected time window, using the internal clock of KUSB-3116. What I'm doing now is using the clock of the PC, but I'd like to understand if is possible to demand it to the board.

Thanks! :D

Norbert W
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Re: KUSB-3116 | Counts using internal clock

Post by Norbert W » February 19th, 2014, 1:46 am

I find the following description from the getting starting manual helpful by
describing both ways - the one you already use and the one you want to go for:

Connecting Signals for Frequency Measurement Operations

One way to measure frequency is to use the same wiring as a
standard event counting application that does not use a gate (see
Figure 19 on page 44), then use the Windows timer to determine the
duration of the frequency measurement. The frequency of the
Counter 0 Clock signal is the number of counts divided by the
duration of the Windows timer.

If you need more accuracy than the Windows timer can provide, you
can connect a pulse of a known duration (such as a one-shot output of
counter/timer 1) to the Counter 0 Gate input. Figure 21 shows how to
connect counter/timer signals to your own screw terminal panel. In
this case, the frequency of the Counter 0 clock input is the number of
counts divided by the period of the Counter 0 Gate input signal.

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