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Unable to Connect Via GPIB

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Kenneth P
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Unable to Connect Via GPIB

Post by Kenneth P » October 29th, 2012, 8:41 am

"My Technical question:
I am having trouble setting up communications between test script builder and the source meter. The 2651A is connected to the computer via GPIB through a USB-GPIB dongle. When I try to open the instrument, I get an error "

Test Script Builder uses the instruments identified in the Keithley Configuration Panel. The Configuration Panel software is part of the Keithley I/O Layer driver software. The link to download this software is noted below. Once this has been installed, you can run to the program to add the 2651A to the VISA resource list utilized by Test Script Builder. However, it is not necessary to add the instrument address to the Configuration Panel listing. You can click on the Open Instrument button on the Instrument Console of Test Script Builder and manually enter the VISA Resource Name for the 2651A. The factory default GPIB address of the 2651A is set to 26. For this address, you can manually enter the following string:

GPIB0::26::INSTR or GPIB::26::INSTR (assuming there is only one GPIB adapter on the controller)

You can also use the Cat 5 Crossover Cable that was provided with the 2651A and connect via the LXI connection. The VISA Resource Name convention is:

TCPIP::<IP Address of 2651A>::INSTR

Keithley I/O Layer Driver

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