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KUSB-488A Win7 CEC Issue

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KUSB-488A Win7 CEC Issue

Post by SimonK » October 22nd, 2014, 3:37 am


I would likt to report a problem with you drivers for KUSB-488A on windows 7.
We found a workaround that will work for us, but we thought you should know. Secondly a solution would also be good to us, as this limits our options in versatility.

We have several KUSB-488A units lying around. We are upgrading to win7 64 bit and come for winXP. Our purpose is to run custom software which uses the the CEC GPIB option. After installation on a (dell) laptop we had an issue: we could not communicate with the hardware. Using the TRTEST.exe, which is included in the driver installation, we tested the KUSB-488A unit, and there is no board found on the system. We repeated the same process on a Lenovo system, same result. After that we repeated the same thing on a HP system, and on this system the board is found and communication is working. We did the same thing on two other HP systems, with the same positive result.

So: there is an issue with the driver on Lenovo and Dell systems, and not on HP systems.

Driver used: version 9.2 (latest on website)
OS: win 7 64 bit

All the computers we work with run exactly the same OS and configuration.
The driver was allways installed completely fresh (all other old KUSB GPIB drivers uninstalled first).

If you need any more info I will try to supply it.


Dale C
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Re: KUSB-488A Win7 CEC Issue

Post by Dale C » October 22nd, 2014, 5:58 am

KUSB-488A is obsolete and no longer supported.
It will not be updated.
I suggest the Model KUSB-488B.
That is the replacement for the KUSB-488A.

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