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Update Firmware from 1.51b to 1.53C for 3706A

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Update Firmware from 1.51b to 1.53C for 3706A

Post by xyz6692 » March 4th, 2016, 2:15 pm

Hi All,

I can browse from my Mac and PC to the home and LXI pages but nothing else of my 3706A. Both my Mac and PC run the latest JAVA 8 update 73. I saw from the LXI page that my 3706A had its firmware of 1.51b. I assume that 1.51b is incompatible with JAVA 8. I downloaded 1.53C. However, I didn't see a *.cab file. I put all unzipped files on the top level of a USB drive and then plugged in the USB drive into my 3706A. I moved to Upgrade and pressed Enter. I could see my 3706A accessing the USB drive as its LED light blinked faster, but my 3706A couldn't file any files to upgrade.

Can anyone give some instructions on how to update the firmware from 1.51b to 1.53c for 3706A?



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Re: Update Firmware from 1.51b to 1.53C for 3706A

Post by brian.d.smith » March 7th, 2016, 6:25 am

The upgrade procedure is documented in Appendix A of the 3700A Reference Manual.

The download ZIP is here:

Below are the pertinent instructions for the USB flash drive method. You are correct that there is no *.cab file. Just unzip the firmware and copy everything to the root of a USB flash drive. The 3706A should find the proper file.

1. Copy upgrade *.cab file to a blank USB flash drive. Ensure that the drive size is large enough for
the size of the upgrade file.
Verify that the USB flash drive is blank.
2. Power on the instrument
3. Install a USB flash drive in the front panel connector
4. On the front panel, press the MENU key
5. Turn the navigation wheel to scroll to UPGRADE and press the navigation wheel.
6. The question UPGRADE UNIT? is displayed. Select Previous to install a previous version or
select Yes to upgrade to a newer version and press the navigation wheel.
7. The upgrade status is displayed on the front panel, including the percentage complete. When the
file has been unpacked, the upgrade status will be displayed as it is upgraded (first cards installed
in the slots including the DMM if installed, and then the Main Series 3700).

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