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WFM7000 displaying VITC in WFM

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WFM7000 displaying VITC in WFM

Post by Artstar » June 29th, 2011, 1:03 am

Hi all,

Is it normal behaviour to see both VITC as well as the -'s waveform overlaid together in a waveform tile? I would've thought so, as it's displaying all lines available, but in which case, is there not a feature in the WFM7000 to select a range of lines for which the WFM tile can be assigned to scan and display (i.e. Strip the VITC, effectively).

We're monitoring our DVW-A500 VTR's via SDI into this waveform monitor and the editors just noticed today that they were seeing VITC among the non-VBI information. I would've thought that it was a case of all lines or just one line at a time (using the Line Sel button) but if there's a way to - out a range of lines to work with, that would probably make them happy.

Many thanks in advance!

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