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2602B, minimum setting and measure time

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2602B, minimum setting and measure time

Post by TeerapunUpun » February 11th, 2019, 2:18 am

I plan to use SMU2602B to measure resistance for our product in the production line
the concept is using SMU2602B supply various current to each our DUT (device under test) and read back the resistance value via rs232.
I have 10DUTs that need to be tested with difference current setting so I plan to use multiplexer to switch SMU connect to these DUT as following
step 1 ) SMU Channel 1 connect to DUT 1/ SMU Channel 2 connect to DUT 2 ( current setting 100uA)
step 2 ) SMU Channel 1 connect to DUT 3/ SMU Channel 2 connect to DUT 4 ( current setting 500uA)
step 3 ) SMU Channel 1 connect to DUT 5/ SMU Channel 2 connect to DUT 6 ( current setting 1mA)
step 4 ) SMU Channel 1 connect to DUT 7/ SMU Channel 2 connect to DUT 8 ( current setting 10mA)
step 5 ) SMU Channel 1 connect to DUT 9/ SMU Channel 2 connect to DUT 10 ( current setting 20mA)

I would like to estimate the cycle time of this testing, so could you please advise me about the minimum current setting time and minimum resistance measure time of this SMU?
thank you in advance for your support!!

Best regard

Andrea C
Keithley Applications
Keithley Applications
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Re: 2602B, minimum setting and measure time

Post by Andrea C » February 13th, 2019, 5:06 am

Many factors will influence speed vs data quality trade offs.

There will be some overhead to set the SMU into force current mode, but that is one time setup penalty.

Selection of source range can require a few msec. Look at your error budget and see if 1mA range is sufficient for first three steps. Then use higher source range for next steps.

On the measuring volts (in order to report R), use of auto range, auto zero, filter and integration duration will affect the speed. Again, your error budget will help decide this.

For test time budget, handshaking with the switch is important. We have switching that can handshake with 2602B on TSP-Link to minimize wasted time between switching and measuring.

Length of your cables and fuxturing will introduce capacitance. Especially at lower currents, some settling time may be required for the RC time constant.

Last: consider strongly to use USB instead of RS-232. VISA gives you the read/write methods for USB command interface.

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