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Tektronix 465 timebase switch mechanical problem - solved!

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Tektronix 465 timebase switch mechanical problem - solved!

Post by hifik » May 7th, 2015, 5:10 am

Hi friends :-)
I bought from my friend this famous and popular osciloscope (465).
All is working but the right side of timebase switch (see here http://www.ps-service.cz/tek/timebase-switch.jpg) not revolves, when I pull the related knob and when I turn with it. The related actuating pipe turns, but right part of the switch not. I disassebly this unit and now we can see, how it works:

Both barrels must move together. (normally B timebase part of the switch is moved via connection between outer and inner part of the knob and turns together with A part).
BUT when inner par of timebase knob of is pulled, the main system A must stop to turn and only B part is moving (connection between both part of the knob via small pin is interupted).

In my case it not worked, because the key of pastic part was damaged. http://www.ps-service.cz/tek/broken_key.jpg

I used DIY brass replacement and all works now. http://www.ps-service.cz/tek/mosaz.jpg

See photos:

This is a "barrel" of delayed timebase switch http://www.ps-service.cz/tek/barrel_timebase_B.jpg
This is a slot inside of the barrel http://www.ps-service.cz/tek/switch_barrel_slot.jpg
Broken key http://www.ps-service.cz/tek/broken_key.jpg
Before completition http://www.ps-service.cz/tek/pred_zasunutim.jpg
Before completition - the detailed view http://www.ps-service.cz/tek/pred_zasunutim_detail.jpg
The finale - assembled http://www.ps-service.cz/tek/finale1.jpg
The finale - assembled http://www.ps-service.cz/tek/finale2.jpg
The finale - assembled http://www.ps-service.cz/tek/finale3.jpg
The finale - assembled http://www.ps-service.cz/tek/finale4.jpg

I hope - this description can be very helpful (maybe somebody use mentioned solution.

An output - tested 100 kHz from my generator ... http://www.ps-service.cz/tek/ukazka_bez_blesku.jpg

Because TEKTRONICS is very nice anad famous device ... :D

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Re: Tektronix 465 timebase switch mechanical problem - solved!

Post by mayyen99 » January 16th, 2018, 11:09 pm

Hi hifik,
Very useful and informative post. My recently acquired Tektronix 465 with the same timebase switch mechanical problem. The plastic part with the key has disintegrated after 40 years. I need a replacement part. Where can I purchase the DIY brass replacement component shown in your post? Thank you!

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Re: Tektronix 465 timebase switch mechanical problem - solved!

Post by jtrautschold » January 14th, 2019, 3:56 pm


Even though your post is fairly old, it's been quite useful. I was able to fix the actuator on the shaft (for the right-side cam switch); however, the problem I have now is trying to get both switch cams to work together when the timebase knob is not pulled out - in other words, in its normal position. Only the left cam operates. I'm having trouble figuring out what mechanism causes both cams to turn when the timebase knob is in its normal position. When I pull the knob out it does turn the right-side cam. Based on your excellent photos, I'm sure I have everything back together properly, yet it doesn't work.

Hopefully you're still here on the forum. If so, can you provide any clues on how to get both cams to operate together when the timebase knob is in its normal position? Thanks!


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