2445B scope and U400 ic, replacing with different part

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2445B scope and U400 ic, replacing with different part

Post by dfannin » March 10th, 2016, 2:54 pm

I have an older Tek scope - 2445B (S/N B06) 200 Mhz model (circa 1993).

I need to replace the U400 Hybrid IC (Vertical Switch) - the actual part number is 155-0236-09. The scope is having the vertical compression issue on channels 1 and 2 where moving the vertical position compresses the trace as it passes thru the middle of the screen. I've been able to troubleshoot it to the vertical switch ic, as the issue is not coming from the attenuator or pre-amp sections. It is also not a problem on channels 3 &4.

I'm having a hard time finding an exact replacement IC. Does anyone know if I can use the 155-0236-00 version? That one is much more commonly available.
Is there any information about what is different between the versions of this chip (the -09 is marked as "Tek US", so I assume it was not one of the MaxTek versions. I can't seem to find any information on this IC or different versions, so I can't tell if the version is due to different specs for this scope (200 Mhz).

any information would be useful


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