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RF-related blog posts by Tek's own Alan Wolke (aka W2AEW)

Thomas F

RF-related blog posts by Tek's own Alan Wolke (aka W2AEW)

Post by Thomas F » February 16th, 2017, 10:24 am

Alan Wolke (aka W2AEW) is one of Tektronix' most experienced US-based RF field application engineers (FAE). He is a wealth of knowledge and has been providing tutorials and sage advice to the RF community for many years. Be sure to check out his Youtube site as well - https://www.youtube.com/user/w2aew

Various forms and types of RF Capture and Playback that are offered by the RSA products:

How to use Precompensation with an AWG to flatten the response:
http://www.tek.com/blog/precompensation ... r-response

Measuring Harmonic Content on Radar signals:
http://www.tek.com/blog/notes-measuring ... ar-signals

Fast and Easy Multi-Range Spurious Measurements:
http://www.tek.com/blog/fast-and-easy-m ... pur-search

Basics of IQ Signals:
http://www.tek.com/blog/what%E2%80%99s- ... s%E2%80%A6

How to use the Time Overview Display in your RSA:
http://www.tek.com/blog/be-master-your- ... l-analyzer

Capture Bandwidth on the Mixed Domain Oscilloscope:
http://www.tek.com/blog/rf-capture-band ... cilloscope

RF Triggering on the Mixed Domain Oscilloscope:
http://www.tek.com/blog/rf-triggering-m ... cilloscope


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