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Auto range/ Voltage limit

Model 2450, 2460
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Auto range/ Voltage limit

Post by rudy1212 » June 14th, 2018, 5:04 pm


I've been using an example LabVIEW program such as Sweep and Acquirement to attain a simple I-V measurement. I am aware that 4-wire setup has a hard-limit on voltage of 21V without an interlock, and I only try to sweep up to 20V. However, somehow the voltage gets capped at the level less than 20V--somewhere 16V to 17V depending on a sample (I source voltage and measure current).

I instead tried the manual setting on the touchscreen. I changed the range from auto to 200V, and when I source 20V, the sourcemeter correctly puts 20V to the sample and displays a reasonable amount of current reading. Therefore, I assume the premature voltage cap from the LabVIEW implementation comes from the voltage range set as auto. However, I am still very confused as to why this is so. Why does it get capped below the hard voltage limit when the range is in auto mode? And, is there a good way to reflect this on to the LabVIEW program?

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Re: Auto range/ Voltage limit

Post by Brad O » July 9th, 2018, 6:34 am


So the voltage only sometimes gets locked to 16/17V? That behavior usually means the SMU is hitting a current limit, is that happening? What sort of current levels are you looking at?

I'm not aware of any bugs in the LabView driver but it's certainly possible.

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