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Header in CSV when saving buffer

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Header in CSV when saving buffer

Post by Marcus3967 » July 7th, 2020, 11:06 am


I am using a 2450 SMU with the latest firmware. I have a question about the function buffer.save() and buffer.saveappend()

When I use buffer.save() after all measurements are done the *.CSV file contains a header and a description of the columns, for example:

Append Mode,1
Fill Mode,0
Index,Reading,Unit,Range Digits,Disp Digits,Math,Start Group,Limit1 High,Limit1 Low,Limit2 High,Limit2 Low,Terminal,Questionable,Origin,Date,Time,Fractional Seconds,Extra Values,Extra Unit,Extra Range Digits

When I save the test results after each measurement using buffer.saveappend() I do not get those headers.
In that case the first call to buffer.saveappend() creates the *.CSV file, but no headers.
I need to call buffer.save() at the end, to save the data again (although all data is already in the *.CSV file, but w/o the header lines).

An option would be to call buffer.save() with an empty buffer, to create the headers and then I can append the data step by
step. However that call raises an error message.

Is there any way around this?

Any helps and comments appreciated!


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