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Data retrival from Clarius

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Data retrival from Clarius

Post by samaya00 » March 23rd, 2021, 7:26 am


I am using 4200A-SCS to do normal characteristics on a Wafer with the help of Clarius 1.6.1. The number of sites for example : 64.
Total number of voltage steps: 6
Total number of voltage sweeps: 41
Once the measurment on all the sites is done. I take the Excel data from the measurment PC from the path \kiuser\Projects\Project_Name\tests\history\test_name\. Here I find the Folders with all the sites.

If I have to do the same measurment Routine again. I delete all the sites from \kiuser\Projects\Project_Name\tests\history\test_name\ and run the Routine.
I have observed that If I change the number of steps (not sweep) in my test_name Setup and run one measurement with following Setting:
Total number of voltage steps: 11
Total number of voltage sweeps: 41
It reflects only to the site number selected in the Clarius window (mostly site number 1).

All the other sites have the same number of Output steps as that of the old measurment (6), and no measurment is recorded for more than 6 steps. Even though it follows the currect stepping, it Clips the number of steps to 6 and do not Display after 6 steps.
Also I have observed that for site 1, the testConfig[1].kta file containe the
for DrainI(1) DrainV(1) GateI(1) GateV(1) -- DrainI(11) DrainV(11) GateI(11) GateV(11)

where as the same file in other sites contain
for DrainI(1) DrainV(1) GateI(1) GateV(1) -- DrainI(6) DrainV(6) GateI(6) GateV(6)

I feel that the device is measuring for 11 steps, but not recording 11 steps for all the sites.

Please let me know, if this can be rectified, because most of the time I see that the measurment is fine for one of the die, but then all the other sites are clipped in the measurment Output.

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