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DMM7510 (DigitizeI) Avg Current Consumption using Cursors

DMM7510 7½-Digit Graphical Sampling Multimeter
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marian arbo
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DMM7510 (DigitizeI) Avg Current Consumption using Cursors

Post by marian arbo » July 13th, 2021, 10:38 am


I have been measuring current consumption for an sleep mode, expected current consumption is about 50uA. I have confirmed this value with other power anayzer equipment.
For the measurements using DMM7510 I select "digitize current" and set the sample rate to 100000 and count 6million, and for this specific case I set the measurement range to 100mA.
When I measure during 1 min without using the cursors (just buffer statistics) I obtain an average current consumption of 51uA.
But when I use the cursors, more or less covering same 1min, I obtain double consumption, average value of about 100uA.
Using the cursors, when zooming in/out of the graph the average value changes. For a graph range of 0-42mA, when measuring the sleep mode period I obtain about 100uA.
img0713_220628.png (40.58 KiB) Viewed 263 times
When I shorten the range to 0-7.8mA I obtain about 85uA,
img0713_220642.png (42.69 KiB) Viewed 263 times
and finally when I have a range of 390uA, I obtain about 55uA.
img0713_220654.png (39.61 KiB) Viewed 263 times
After several measurements and comparing the average current values, I don't really trust what DMM7510 cursors gives.
Has anyone experienced the same? is there a way to measure accurately the current consumption average using device's cursors or maybe other device settings?


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