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Retrieving Data From Buffer

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Retrieving Data From Buffer

Post by colechri » September 23rd, 2021, 4:36 pm

Hello, I am using LabView to control the 2182A nanovoltmeter and retrieve measurements. I have downloaded the Labview drivers to interface with the instrument via a GPIB cable. The drivers work to take a single measurement. My ultimate goal is to be able to log voltage vs. time and plot the output as data is taken while also saving the data to a file. I was able to modify one of the example codes which is set up to take a single voltage measurement from the machine to do all of this, however, I am struggling to control the speed of the measurements.
After running speed diagnostics to determine where the program was getting hung up, it seems that retrieving data from the buffer takes a large amount of time. Even when the buffer size is set to two, the command :TRAC:DATA?; takes approximately 700 ms to run. I checked and the data packet is only 58 bytes. It does not seem to me that it should take so long for a packet that size to transfer from the instrument to the computer. This limiting my sampling speed to about once a second but I would appreciate if I could sample 5-10 times a second. My experiments last several hours so it is not possible to simply store it all in the buffer and retrieve the data at the end.
I am new to SCPI programming as well as buffer storage and have been attempting to read and understand using the 2182A manual and various - sources. I am struggling to diagnose what is causing this program to run so slowly.

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